Information for admission

(International students)

The Bachelor of Arts and Science in Integrated Innovation (International program)
School of Integrated Innovation Chulalongkorn University

HOW TO APPLY BASCII APPLICATION (International students)

via International Affairs and Global Network Office


1. Applicant Qualifications

1.1 Applicants must be a non-Thai citizen (foreign passport only).

1.2 Applicants completed high school or are currently in the final year of high school or passed an equivalent high school standard test (GED).

2. Application Requirements

2.1 Applicants must achieve the minimum score in any one of the following English Proficiency tests (Scores are valid within two years from the test dates) to meet the requirement.

English Proficiency Tests (can submit more than one test result)

2.2 Applicants must achieve the minimum score of the following Mathematics test (Scores are valid within two years from the test dates) to meet the requirement.

Mathematics Proficiency Test

If an applicant submits both parts of SAT (Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math), the scores must be from the same test.

2.3 E-Porfolio
Applicants must submit E-Portfolio which consists of collection of the applicants’ work as well as activities. The purpose of the portfolio is to demonstrate your versatility, breath of experiences, engagements, achievements, and organizational skill.

  • Portfolio can include
  • Academic or research projects
  • Awards and competitions
  • Scientific or Arts and Design projects: a range of projects such as prototypes, scientific initiatives, drawings, paintings, collage, photography, sculpture,
    model, performance, or sketchbook pages
  • Business, marketing, branding, sale, or fundraising
  • Any forms of digital media, animation, film, VDOs and audios created. Online platforms e.g. YouTube, Instagram, blogs are encouraged
  • Internships or past work experiences
  • Abroad experiences: exchange programs, internships, international workshops, and summer camps
  • Social or Community activities and projects
  • Extracurricular activities: events/ special abilities, such as sports, music, theatre, or marathon
  • Continuing education, short courses or certificates Portfolio must be uploaded in a SINGLE PDF file in an A4 document size and not more than 10 pages (maximum 10 MB file size).

2.4 Statement of purposes
An applicant’s statement of purposes should provide a clear overview of the nature of your intended study, which includes a description of your plan of study at BAScii and your academic background, e.g. what you want to study at Bascii and why, what has led you to your current academic goals, experiences you have in the field, and what you plan on doing with the degree once you have mastered it. The maximum length of the required statement of purposes is two pages.

2.5 Recommendation letter
Recommendation letter explains why BASCii committee should select you, and what qualifies you for the BASCii program you’re applying for. It should be written by someone familiar with your work, character, and accomplishments e.g. supervisor, principal, department head, teacher, or school counselor. The maximum length of the recommendation letter should be 300-400 words. All letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically by recommenders directly to the BAScii admission office email at prior to the program’s stated application deadline.

3. Admission numbers

The Bachelor of Arts and Science Program in Integrated Innovation (International program) will admit 20 qualified students for Academic Year 2019.

4. Application Documents

Applicants must complete all required sections in the online application system and must ensure that all the information given is true and correct. All application forms must be accompanied by the following

A copy of the applicant’s passport

  • A 1×1 inch photo
  • Academic transcript(s)
  • Copies of exam results as specified in items 2.1 and 2.2
  • An e-portfolio as specified in item 2.3
  • Statement of purposes as specified in item 2.4
  • A recommendation letter as specified in item 2.5

5. Evaluation Criteria

Eligible applicants will be evaluated on the test scores, E-portfolio, statement of purposes, recommendation letter, and the interview result. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews. The weighting assigned to the four criteria is as follows

English proficiency test scores25 points

Mathematics proficiency test scores25 points

E-Portfolio20 points

Statement of Purposes & Recommendation letter10 points

Interview20 points

Total100 points

6. Enrolment

In order to be eligible to enroll at Chulalongkorn University, applicants must have successfully completed an upper secondary or high school education. Applicants who have graduated from schools outside Thailand need to obtain an equivalent certificate from Chulalongkorn University.

7. Scholarships

Full scholarships (tuition fees and monthly stipend) and partial scholarships are available. The information about the scholarships can be acquired from the website: